Stretch Bracelets With Charms – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Stretch Bracelets With Charms – Create Your Own High Quality Healing Crystal Jewelry Why shop with zen jewelz? We are the authority in gemstone jewelry creating and designing healing jewelry for over 10 years. Our handmade and handcrafted healing crystal jewelry, designed by ZenJen, is created to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each […]

Apatite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Apatite Bracelet – Inspire & Motivate Are you seeking inspiration and motivation? Read about our handmade Apatite Bracelet below to see if you connect with this healing crystal. Apatite Bracelet Healing & Meaning: Known for it’s inspirational properties Considered a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude Said to be attuned to the future, yet connects to past […]

Amber Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Amber Bracelet – Natures Finest Cleanser Our all natural Amber Bracelet is a powerful cleansing stone. It has a very lightweight feel making it an excellent every day healer. Amber Bracelet Meaning & Healing: Amber is not a crystal at all, it is tree resin that solidified and became fossilized Has strong connections with the earth […]

Lepidolite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Lepidolite Bracelet – Live Stress Free Are you looking to reduce stress and increase healing and emotional balance? Read about our handmade Lepidolite Bracelet below to see if you connect with this healing crystal. Lepidolite Bracelet Meaning: Clears electromagnetic pollution Should be worn while working on computers to absorb their emanations Insists on being used for the […]