Alternative Healing & Healing Gemstones – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Alternative Healing To Further Your Well Being & Healing Journey The phrase alternative healing is used to describe a wide range of modalities which, generally, are not available from conventional doctors.  Some alternative therapies used for healing include: Spiritual Connection – to re-connect the individual with their purpose for being alive. This may take the form […]

Blue Goldstone Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Blue Goldstone Bracelet – Bring Light to Darkness PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES: BLUE GOLDSTONE BRACELET Can relieve stomach tension Said to be used as a natural arthritis treatment Helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation Can diminish and heal psychosomatic ailments May be used to help with bulimia and anorexia BLUE GOLDSTONE HEALING GEMSTONE MEANING: A […]

Beautiful Healing Gemstones – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Healing Gemstones – Why shop zen jewelz? Why shop with zen jewelz for your healing gemstones? We are the authority in healing gemstones, creating and designing healing jewelry for over 10 years. Our handmade and handcrafted healing crystal jewelry, designed by ZenJen, is created to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client. Each […]

Bronzite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Bronzite Bracelet – Learn To “Go With The Flow”   Do you feel stressed and powerless? Read about our handmade Bronzite bracelet below to see if you connect with this healing crystal. Bronzite Bracelet Meaning & Healing: Facilitates simply ‘being’, entering a dynamic state of non-action and non-doing Spiritually, the perfect stone in stilling yourself bringing […]