Jade Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Jade Bracelet – The Peace & Harmony Stone Jade has many important healing qualities that can benefit us in our every day life.  Read about them below and view our Jade gallery for a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Jade Bracelet Meaning and Healing: Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity Signifies wisdom […]

Obsidian Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Obsidian Bracelet – Open New Horizons Explore the power of our incredible Rainbow Flash Obsidian Bracelet today! Purchase a custom made piece of healing crystal jewelry by zen jewelz. Obsidian meaning & Healing Properties: Forms from molten lava that cools too fast and has no time to crystalize A stone without boundaries or limitations Works extremely fast and with […]

Hematite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Hematite Bracelet – Stone of Protection Ground yourself and erase negativity with our Hematite Bracelet Hematite Bracelet Meaning & Healing Properties: Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit Used during out-of-body journeying, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body This stone has a […]

Rhodonite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Rhodonite Bracelet – Stone of Forgiveness Learn to forgive with our high quality Rhodonite Bracelet Rhodonite Bracelet Meaning & Healing Properties: Strong emotional balancer Nurtures love and activates the heart chakra Heals emotional shock Extremely beneficial in cases of emotional self destruction, codependency and abuse Has a strong resonance with forgiveness Assists in reconciliation Nurtures love and encourages […]