Rhodonite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Rhodonite Bracelet – Stone of Forgiveness Learn to forgive with our high quality Rhodonite Bracelet Rhodonite Bracelet Meaning & Healing Properties: Strong emotional balancer Nurtures love and activates the heart chakra Heals emotional shock Extremely beneficial in cases of emotional self destruction, codependency and abuse Has a strong resonance with forgiveness Assists in reconciliation Nurtures love and encourages […]

Moonstone Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Moonstone Bracelet – Stone of New Beginnings HUGE SELECTION AT ZEN JEWELZ! Are you searching for a way to feel more at peace in your life? Allow our top quality Moonstone bracelet to provide you with the peace that you deserve! Moonstone Bracelet Meaning & Healing Properties: Known as a “stone of new beginnings” strongly connected to […]

Rhodochrosite Bracelet – Radiate Love

Rhodochrosite Bracelet – A powerful generator of love and compassion Our Rhodochrosite Bracelet by zen jewelz is made from high quality gemstones that will aid you to express infinite amounts of love spreading positive energy everywhere you go! RHODOCHROSITE BRACELET MEANING: Represents selfless love and compassion Imparts a positive attitude Helps attract a soulmate or your soul purpose […]

Valentine Gifts – Healing Crystal Gemstones to Attract Love – zen jewelz

Unique Valentine Gifts For Your Loved Ones Inspire love and devotion with a bracelet from our assortment of high quality Gemstones. Perfect Valentine gifts with meaning! Healing Properties of Garnet: Inspires love and devotion Powerfully energizing and regenerating gemstone Balances energy, bringing serenity or passion needed Cleanses the 7 chakras Brings courage and hope Balances the […]