Agate Bracelet to Soothe and Calm Emotions

Wear an Agate Bracelet by zen jewelz & experience the energies of safety and calm Why purchase our Agate Bracelet? Agates are grounding stones Brings about emotional healing, physical and intellectual balance Aids in centering and stabilizing physical energy Has the power to balance yin yang energy A soothing and calming healing stone Gently facilitates acceptance of […]

Aquamarine Bracelet for Stress & Anxiety Relief – zen jewelz

Aquamarine Bracelet – Energy Healing – Are you looking for the perfect natural remedy for stress & anxiety? AQUAMARINE MEANING & AQUAMARINE HEALING: The gemstone of courage Its calming energies relieve stress and quiet the mind Teaches you how to be patient with those around you Gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility Can […]

Sardonyx Jewelry – Harness the Energy of The Earth

Sardonyx Jewelry Can Help You Achieve Strength, Endurance & More! Wearing Sardonyx Jewelry can provide strength and protection. This gemstone invokes the search for a meaningful existence and promotes integrity and virtuous conduct. Bringing lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships, Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. Psychologically, Sardonyx supplements willpower and strengthens character. It increases […]

Dumortierite Bracelet Has So Many Excellent Healing Properties – READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Did you know wearing a Dumortierite Bracelet can assist with weight loss & can help to stabilize your emotions? EMOTIONAL HEALING: DUMORTIERITE BRACELET A stone that teaches you to stand up for yourself Helps you to take control of your life Increases patience Amplifies psychic gifts Helps to stabilize your emotions If open to change this crystal […]