Hello Jennifer! I just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with your beautiful jewelry & the incredible web site you’ve set up for your customers! It is so nice to have complete descriptions & qualities of the gemstones available…I’ve looked at a few other sites & there are basically no descriptions noted. I also appreciate the choice of charms & personal smudging you offer. Thank you for providing such beautiful jewelry & wonderful customer service! Warm Regards,

Carol – Sacramento, CA – March 2016

It has been such a pleasure doing business with a company that provides such excellent customer service, and for that, I truly thank you!

Kari – Irvine, CA – February 2016

I received the order today and the necklace is absolutely beautiful, and when I leave the house I wear all 9 of my bracelets. I have been getting a lot of compliments and I direct everyone to your website. Sometimes I go on the site just to drool! So far I have ordered 3 of the Ganesh bracelets and by far it is my favorite. This last one is a gift! Talk about removing obstacles, I wanted to go back to work part time at my former employer but it seems that there were blockages. Guess what? I’M BACK”!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What I need now is a nice little pair of earrings to match my necklace. Ruby is my birthstone.
Many thanks,

Patricia – Haskell, NJ – February 2016

Hi Jen – I love the newest bracelet I got so beautiful and is working for me more than I can imagine. I believe it is enhancing the effectiveness of my acupuncture sessions in helping me let go of resentment and anger. My boss loves her bracelets too and we just ordered one today for a friend’s birthday. Thank you.

RKloke – Bellingham, WA – February 2016

Hi Jen, I wanted to thank you for not only fixing my bracelets to fit me on Tuesday, but also for doing more than you know for my niece, Giana (13). She couldn’t stop talking about what you said, and was so intrigued with the bracelets and the very generous stone you gave her. I hope she gets out of the stone, what it had done for you when you received it as a gift. I reiterated that she needed to trust her instincts, and her intuition. And told her to see spirituality as her gift and to look to expand her gift. I truly believe you meet people for a reason, and she was meant to come with me to fix my bracelets. Anyway, thank you….you truly are a special person.  Speak soon,

Michele – Westfield, NJ – January 2016

I just have to take a minute to tell you how gorgeous these bracelets are! First I got the Peruvian blue opal, then this rhodonite..I just ordered a blue Lapis one, too. They are SO well made and the stones are magnificent! I have been looking for a long time for just the right ones and now I have found them! I’ll definitely be adding to my collection and giving them for gifts, too. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth – Winslow, ME – January 2016

My two all time fav semiprecious stones! So gorgeous. Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz. I’m so in love with your bracelets! I’m so glad I found your website. I’ve been searching for quality healing crystal bracelets for years. Thank you ZenJen!

Sheelah – Summerville, SC – December 2015

Jen!! I am very happy with such a sweet unique work of art 🙂 I absolutely love it!! You are the best! The Baby Blessings bracelet is so delicate and beautiful! Everything about it is perfect 🙂 Cannot wait to give it to her- great idea with the extender too! Also, I love the one with the heart and may purchase that one for my daughters. Beautiful! And I love the prayer 🙂 perfect gift for the occasion. Will definitely be recommending this! Thanks again for all the thought and love you put into this 🙂

Daniela – Livingston, NJ – December 2015