Thank you so much for bringing Cristina and me much needed healing during this challenging time for us. We love our zen jewelz and truly feel the healing energy from the beautiful stones. Love you and again, thank you!!! We are very happy. XOXO

Margie – Wayne, NJ – June 2016

You have been so helpful in all your responses to my questions and multiple emails. It’s hard to get focused when you are so concerned for someone you love! I appreciate your understanding when I’m sure it was frustrating that I waited to order after all of your advice. Since I couldn’t come in to see you and am on a budget, I was kind of waiting for something to jump out at me and finally that stone did. Thank you for your positive energy and thoughts. I return the same to you! I can’t wait to share the Rose Quartz with my friend as well. I know the fertility bracelet my sister and I purchased for our friend brought her peace and helped her – she is pregnant with twins now! And I continue to believe that the energy of your stones helps to ground us and bring us what we need when we need it! Obviously I know we can’t count on that alone – but anything that uplifts us is necessary! Thanks again!

Heather – Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – May 2016

Hi Jen, Sorry this has taken a bit to get back to you. I love my bracelets! I have many other healing crystal bracelets and I must say that the weight of these are more substantial. Thanks once again for actually caring what I bought and for helping me find my “right” fit for my journey.

Laura – Alberta, Canada – May 2016

omeka-zenjewelz.jpgHi Jen and Anthony, My family and I connected with and love our zen jewelz. We were honored and privileged to be able to visit Jen’s studio, which I more saw as a pure energy spiritual oasis. My kids ( 2 and 8 yrs old) instantly vibed with Jazzy their adorable cat. Jen guided us intuitively towards the precious gems that felt destined to be ours. We are very happy and thankful for our blissful soul cleansing, enlightening experience and smudging. With mind: Thank You! With soul: Namaste.

Omeka – Babylon, NY – May 2016

I purchased three bracelets Fertility, Clear Quartz and Kyanite all came beautifully packaged with instructions on how to activate them.. Very good quality I’m glad I didn’t go for cheaper versions of the bracelets which are available on the Internet. Kyanite is such a lovely bracelet which I was immediately drawn to. Though its early days I can see some positive changes in my mood and negative thinking pattern… The customer service was brilliant, and the items arrived promptly to the UK.

Reena – England, United Kingdom – April 2016

After I’ve been to your studio, I always feel calmer and more at peace. Thank you.

Christine – West Milford, NJ – April 2016

Hi Jen,
I received all the bracelets today….they are beautiful! I already wore mine, did my reading for each prior to putting them on. And they fit fantastic! Perfect fit.  I wanted to personally thank you for spending time with me on the phone. I am hopeful and believe these gems will help me on a very deep level. I’m looking forward to feeling better and upwards and onwards from here on. I can’ t wait to feel better on a whole and not for nothing your words to me the other day have stayed with me. Whatever I’m going through now, I’ll be able to help others that are suffering the same. Thank you again and I will keep you posted.

Pina – Toronto, Canada – March 2016

I received the bracelets today … The pictures online don’t even justify how gorgeous they are in person … The aquamarine … I’m in love .. And the 3 of them that are faceted is just like the rose Quartz I already have .. So it all goes perfectly together … The tiger iron is very different from what you see online .. Unique…Another gorgeous piece … And the amethyst is a beautiful purple .. I like purple …. I love EVERY single bracelet I own … I love to pick out daily the energies I need for that day and then there are the ones I never take off… I can’t thank you enough ….

Maria – Clifton, NJ – March 2016