I wanted to share with you about my Sage Journey. I would have never known about it had you not mentioned it last year.  I never knew about the art of smudging and I am absolutely grateful!  When we talked about how sage can clear out negative energy I was so on board!  We had stagnant lower vibrational energy in our home and I wanted to do anything to get rid of it!  But when I got my sage and beautiful abalone shell from you, it took me weeks if not a month to actually use it. It terrified me.  But when I finally said enough is enough and smudged myself first, I felt such a sense of clean, positive energy!  I was shocked!  I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened but I loved it!  I began smudging myself daily.  And when I decided it was time to smudge our home, again, I was shocked!  The bad feelings and energy had lifted!  I’ve had to work a little harder in my moms room, but I’m still working on it. And now that you have different kinds of sage that serve different purposes, SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT, I want ALL THE SAGE!!!!!  They smell so different and I can’t wait to try them all out!  Used the Desert Magic today and I love the lighter scent it has. Tomorrow I am going to smudge with the Black Sage!!!  So excited to see how it resonates with me and how it will effect me spiritually. And oh my, the sweet grass!!!  I can smell it’s sweet sweet yumminess through the packaging and I can’t wait to try her out!!! But, I do love me some California White Sage.  I am so glad that you are my crystal connection and now my sage connection!  Looking forward to snagging some Blue Sage from you!!!  Thank you again for teaching me about sage and smudging. It’s shifted my life so positively!  Just thinking about the smoke makes me want to burn it NOW! It’s just as addicting as all of your crystals!!! And combining them together is a powerhouse of awesomeness!!!  Always forever grateful for this journey and everything you continually teach me!!!  I wouldn’t be on this path learning what I am if it weren’t for you. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge. It’s so needed!!!

Jaime – San Marcos, CA – August, 2016


Hi Jen! Just wanted to tell you I felt really emotional driving home from your house.  These bracelets you made me are really quite extradonary and powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your insight into my healing journey. All my sincerity


Maddie – Hackettstown, NJ – July 2016

“Hi Jen! Just letting you know that my rutilated Quartz bracelet is in Italy! My daughter is studying there for the month and was so stressed and anxious about going, I didn’t tell her about the healing properties but she has been doing awesome so far:) she Skyped us on Friday and she was actually wearing her bracelet- I told her when I gave it to her to wear that it means I am always with her when she wears it:) She is studying at the Vatican Observatory – water in the solar system. Take care, Loving my bracelets- missing my rutilated Quartz:)

Laura – Alberta, Canada – June 2016

My Amelia LuLaRoe dress and zen jewelz, the perfect combo! Feel like I’m ready to take on the world today…

Christine – Totowa, NJ – June 2016

Absolutely love my bracelet bundle!!! Attracting an abundance of love, prosperity, courage, balance, positivity, protection and passion into my life… Since wearing these bracelets my whole perspective of life has become so much deeper than ever… Thank you zen jewelz!jocelyn-zenjewelz.jpg

Jocelyn – Totowa, NJ – June 2016

JEN, I had the best day ever with you …!!!!!!! I hope we can do this again one day… I felt like a new person with a positive attitude leaving your place today… And it feels awesome …!!! Is the Citrine crystal pendant necklace suppose to make me feel very confident … I can’t even begin to tell u how I feel wearing it … It’s like my self esteem got boosted… Is that what this stone does ? Cause it’s wonderful!!! Thank you!!

Maria – Clifton, NJ – June 2016

I have to tell you, this is by FAR the best bundle I have ever received from you( don’t I say that every time?) I can’t take my eyes off them and feeling SO different since I slipped them on yesterday and I feel such alignment within myself!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt SO grounded and so at peace with myself!!! I know I was guided to these to crystals for an important reason! This has been such an amazing shift and I wanted to say thank you Jen! They fit so incredibly perfectly. To say this was “meant to be” is an understatement. Thank you again as always Jen!!! I’ll be chatting with you soon!!!

Jaime – San Marcos, CA – June 2016

I own over a dozen ZJ pieces and wear at least one almost every day. I can easily choose a piece that either matches my outfit or my mood. Her stones and craftsmanship are artistic and high quality, plus feel great to wear. I highly recommend ZenJen for healing crystal needs.

Cathi – Apple Valley, MN – June 2016