I am truly overwhelmed with the amount of effort you have put into my requests. I thought when you said you could look for certain gems, that would mean keeping an eye out when you were otherwise looking for gems. I can tell in this case your effort went way beyond that. I do indeed appreciate all your efforts to find exactly what I requested. Thank you so very much! Wow — I cannot believe how hard you worked on this!
Lin – St. Louis, MO – April 2017

Thank you so much for today.  I’ve been trying to figure out what my path is on my new journey and you helped me figure some things out and guide me.  I loved the entire experience and absolutely love my beautiful bracelets.  I don’t want to take them off!!! I can’t wait to come back.  I am excited about it all.

Ashley – Dumont, NJ – April 2017

What an awesome experience I had with zen jewelz. The necklace they made for me is so beautiful and I can’t say enough about the  quality and the workmanship.  It was such a great experience, I LOVE IT!  Thank you zen jewelz!
Eva – Lakewood, NJ – March 2017

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful custom bracelet for me!!! It is simply gorgeous!!!  It fits as if it was made for me….lol….. just beautiful and I absolutely love it!!! Thank you thank you!!!!

Trish – Idaho Falls, Idaho – March 2017

Hi Jen,
The bracelets arrived and Blair and I are thrilled with them!  Thank you for your personal attention.  We truly appreciate your creations and get tremendous enjoyment from them.
Thank you very much!
Every time we look at your site we find something special which has a positive attraction. I don’t know if I should mention what we are thinking of next since we might be tempted.
There is really something so special about your bracelets.  I love looking at them on my wrist —- I love the gentle tinkling sound of the tags when I have a few on at one time—basically every day. I also love how very easy they are to put on.  After years of nursing my hands are so stiff each morning at 5:30 am that I really appreciate how easy they are to slip on. I probably sound very corny but we are really very pleased with everything and appreciate your help. We are looking forward to our newest package of goodies!!!

Warm regards,
Donna – Annandale, NJ – March 2017

The first time I purchased the fertility bracelet it was for a friend. She has gone through several IVF treatments and was diagnosed with endometriosis. The doctor also told her getting pregnant would be futile because her ovaries were no longer producing eggs. She was devastated. I bought her the fertility bracelet as a gift and it worked within 2 months. I received a call from her husband after the first trimester saying my gift worked. Their daughter is now 8 years old. AMAZING and POWERFUL. I am a believer for life. I also purchased another fertility bracelet recently for a family member. She is also pregnant! I told another family member to purchase one and will spread the word about this bracelet because it truly heals and works with a women’s body so she can carry a baby to term and conceive.

Yun – Canada – February, 2017


Grounded & protected… every time I visit ZenJen I am aided on a journey of self discovery & ❤️… feeling at “home” again with my new bundle.

Erin – Haworth, NJ – January 2017

I’m currently on a journey to discover myself as a woman. I found Jen a couple of months back. Her work seemed right in line with what I was trying to create in my life. I developed an idea to create a piece that signified feminine strength. I did research on her actual website (which is comprehensive and very user friendly) and quickly discovered that onyx contained those properties. I brought her a pendant from another artisan and asked her to incorporate it into an onyx Victorian style choker. She gave me the idea of incorporating the ruby pieces. I was open to it. Collaborating with Jen IS NOT just working with a typical jeweler. I was working with another woman who honored me as a fellow woman and nurtured my creative instincts. When I was in her workspace ; I felt safe, supported, and held. It’s a rare experience.It’s one that I will never forget. It’s one that  I will tell every woman that I care about because I want them to  have that experience as well. It’s empowering.

Eva – Bloomfield, NJ – January 2017