Thank you so much for today. I love my new bracelets! The afternoon was so inspirational, from picking out the stones to just talking to you and getting to know you better. You are a true gem yourself!!

Kathleen – Hohokus, NJ – September 2016

“I ordered two of your bracelets and they will arrive today.  I am so excited to see them.  They are not for me though, they are for my parents.  Their birthdays are coming up in October but that’s not why I got them.  My father has been suffering from memory loss (his mother had Alzheimer’s) and it has been very difficult on him and also on my mom who cares for him when he needs it.  He’s not too far gone, just enough for it to be noticeable and he’s embarrassed and my mom gets impatient sometimes.  When my dad went to the neurologist for the first time, I spoke to them about healing crystals and stones and even though they’re older, they were very receptive to it.  So I got my dad an onyx bracelet and my mom a rose quartz one so they can feel the healing of the gemstones all the time.  I want to thank you for your craftsmanship and the thoughtfulness you put into your pieces.  Your bracelets really do make a difference in people’s lives but I’m sure you hear that all the time.  Plan to hear from me in December.  I would like to chat with you about putting together some bracelets for me.  I will be graduating from college in May and then starting a new career.  I’m also getting married for the first time next September so lots of life changes! (BRACELETS ARRIVED!) They’re gorgeous!  We were so pleased when we opened them.  They were just perfect and mom and dad put them on right away.  You could tell they already felt connected to the stones I chose.  Dad said he felt like he finally looked “cool” (and trust me, my dad’s style is not exactly cool!)  Mom couldn’t stop touching the stones and dad had me read the meaning of the stones you included a couple of times and I think he’s drawing strength from it.  He said, “If my Victorian father ever knew I was going to end up wearing healing gemstones for my health he would have thought I was crazy…but I think they DO work! ” They were both very pleased.  Now they can’t wait for me to smudge them with my sage and for them to activate the stones like you say to in your insert.  We’re all so pleased.  You can tell you’re a very special person by the beautiful bracelets you make and the happiness you bring people.  I saw peace and happiness in my parents when I gave them their bracelets, something I hadn’t seen in a while. Thanks and God bless. Namaste

Kristi – Central Islip, NY – September 2016

I love your items.  They are beautiful!!  I have been carrying many negative feelings and energies from my past for years.  I knew I needed some type of healing.  I did alot of research on spiritual and crystal healing and I knew Jen was the one I needed to talk to. I ordered 2 bracelets that would help me, and sent Jen an email explaining everything I was going through.  Jen immediately contacted me and set up an appointment for a consultation. Jen listened to me and she chose 3 bracelets for me and I immediately connected with them. I will receive them soon.  Thank you Jen for the amazing consultation. You have so much insight as to what I need to heal.  I look forward to my journey of healing with your guidance and the power of the crystals you have chosen for me.

***FOLLOW UP FROM TERRI***  Thank you Jen for my beautiful bracelets, and advice on my path to healing. Since I have contacted you and started wearing my bracelets, I have been sleeping better and concentrating more on what I want to achieve in my daily life, Emotional Healing, Serenity, forget the past look toward the future, less stress, overcome emotional upset and just be happy with me.  One of my best decisions in life was contacting you. I will be buying more bracelets soon.  Attached is picture of my bracelets, I normally wear them on both wrists, for picture reasons, I put them on one wrist. Picture taken with Mother Earth in the background where they came from.  Thank you again.  Your friend,

Terri – Bedford, TX – August 2015

I am FEELING THE POWER of the CRACKLED FIRE AGATE BRACELET I purchased from you. I Have complete Faith in the POWER of these Crystals. Since I have been wearing my Agate I am HIGHLY FOCUSED on finishing my Screenplay. It’s like someone lit a FIRE UNDER ME!!! You have a GREAT BUSINESS so keep up the good Work!!!

Anthony – Chino Hills, CA – August 2015

Thank you so very much for your kindness and sensitivity. It is so unusual now to find someone who is so willing to help but also very sensitive to a person’s budget or means. Looking forward to receiving my order.

Mary – Catonsville, MD – August 2016

I haven’t even received my first order yet but within an hour or so of placing the order Jen called me directly to ensure that I would be getting exactly what was needed for my journey. I cannot wait to receive the crystals that she has handpicked for me. It is with great excitement, hope and belief as I wait the arrival of the bracelets.

Debbie – Woodbridge, NJ – August 2016


I wanted to share with you about my Sage Journey. I would have never known about it had you not mentioned it last year.  I never knew about the art of smudging and I am absolutely grateful!  When we talked about how sage can clear out negative energy I was so on board!  We had stagnant lower vibrational energy in our home and I wanted to do anything to get rid of it!  But when I got my sage and beautiful abalone shell from you, it took me weeks if not a month to actually use it. It terrified me.  But when I finally said enough is enough and smudged myself first, I felt such a sense of clean, positive energy!  I was shocked!  I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened but I loved it!  I began smudging myself daily.  And when I decided it was time to smudge our home, again, I was shocked!  The bad feelings and energy had lifted!  I’ve had to work a little harder in my moms room, but I’m still working on it. And now that you have different kinds of sage that serve different purposes, SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT, I want ALL THE SAGE!!!!!  They smell so different and I can’t wait to try them all out!  Used the Desert Magic today and I love the lighter scent it has. Tomorrow I am going to smudge with the Black Sage!!!  So excited to see how it resonates with me and how it will effect me spiritually. And oh my, the sweet grass!!!  I can smell it’s sweet sweet yumminess through the packaging and I can’t wait to try her out!!! But, I do love me some California White Sage.  I am so glad that you are my crystal connection and now my sage connection!  Looking forward to snagging some Blue Sage from you!!!  Thank you again for teaching me about sage and smudging. It’s shifted my life so positively!  Just thinking about the smoke makes me want to burn it NOW! It’s just as addicting as all of your crystals!!! And combining them together is a powerhouse of awesomeness!!!  Always forever grateful for this journey and everything you continually teach me!!!  I wouldn’t be on this path learning what I am if it weren’t for you. Thank you for sharing yourself and your knowledge. It’s so needed!!!

Jaime – San Marcos, CA – August, 2016


Hi Jen! Just wanted to tell you I felt really emotional driving home from your house.  These bracelets you made me are really quite extradonary and powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your insight into my healing journey. All my sincerity


Maddie – Hackettstown, NJ – July 2016