Hi, Jen.
I just wanted to update you on my testimonial from a few months back about my dad who was losing his memory and my mom who is his companion.
They have been wearing their bracelets every day since October and they have made such a difference.  Mom is able to cope better and is much more patient and my dad’s memory has improved significantly. He even got a good report from the doctor today. Despite his family history of Alzheimer’s, he does not have it and we are all so happy.
Thank you for the healing bracelets. I’m happy to report that they’re not just beautiful but effective too. We’re so grateful.
Happy holidays!

Kristi – Central Islip, NY – December 2016

Your jewelry always makes me feel better somehow. It’s hard to explain. There is just something very spiritual about all those beautiful gems and how they make me feel special and happier when I wear them.

Elizabeth – Saint Charles, IL – November 2016

I had my first meeting with Jen today. Although it was raining when I left with my “gems”, I haven’t stopped smiling or felt such peace in a very, vey long time. She hit all the marks, spot on………I will be back. Thank you so very much!!

Patricia – Riverdale, NJ – November 2016

There is something about wearing my zen jewelz and how they make me feel!!!  I have quite the collection and of course I have my “go to “pieces that I wear every day, but depending on how I’m feeling in the morning, I may add another piece or two!!  The properties in the gemstones definitely give me a sense of calmness, strength, healing, piece of mind or whatever I need.  I am so grateful to have met Jen; she has made a difference in my life with not only her amazing “jewelz” but also with just being there for me with her advice!  I am a firm believer in the power of “Jewelz” and will continue to wear them proudly!!!

Jennifer – Absecon, NJ – November 2016


I call this my worry bracelet. It is very important to me. When I get worried, I just look at it and it makes me feel better!

Sarah (age 6) – Yardley, PA – September, 2016

Just to update you… I wore the bracelets you made me today and I was calm and serene! It was real weird for me, type A me, but oh so pleasurable and comforting! Multiple times today I just didn’t stress! It’s crazy! I am usually so worked up! I was a better person to me, my family, and the world! And I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart!
P.S. I didn’t want to take them off because of how I felt! But I did and tucked them into their box! I want to keep them safe! It was a drastic difference today!

Kristen – North Caldwell, NJ – September, 2016

teresa-giudice-wrist-zenjewelzteresa-giudice2-zenjewelzThanks zen jewelz for my healing bundle!  It was an amazing experience meeting you and picking out my stones.

Teresa Giudice – REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ – September, 2016

anastasiaI can’t decide which is my favorite stone.  I love my Rose Quartz but I want more bracelets!

Anastasia (age 7) – Pompton Plains, NJ – September, 2016