Fertility Bracelet Success Stories

I received my fertility bracelet as a gift from my sister.  We never expected our “Little Miracle” to happen in a matter of weeks with of wearing it.  In the end, I had with two gifts – a bracelet and our amazing little boy “Ryan”!


I’m writing with an update! The fertility bracelet that I purchased from you back in June has brought my husband and I a stronger faith and in turn belief that we would successfully carry our pregnancy to term. Currently, we’re pregnant with twin boys and could not be more excited. As promised, I’ve attached a belly photo while wearing my bracelet (which I never take off except to shower and sleep). You should know that I’ve told so many of my family members and friends about you ~ a friend of ours has recently purchased a bracelet for his wife – they suffered a miscarriage at the same time my husband and I did, back in February, while he was away in the service and could not be home to comfort his wife in person. Hopefully, their bracelet will enhance their faith too. Thank you.  We’ll be sure to send pictures of the boys when they’re born.

- Kelly

I bought the zen jewelz fertility bracelet in September and I’m due in July!

- Beth

Dina gave me a fertility bracelet and I got pregnant!  Must have some special powers!
- Jacqueline