I just received my Grey Tiger Eye and Red Coral bracelets. LOVE THEM!

Maria - Countryside, IL - June 2015
I just received my beach bundle bracelets! I love them!! They are gorgeous and fit perfectly! Thank you.

Martha- Ft. Lauderdale, FL - June, 2015
Hi Jen!!  I lOVE my pearl bracelet!!  This bracelet is beautiful :) Love the sage that came in my gift too!! Love love!!!

Deborah- Long Island, NY- May 2015
"Sorry I have been a little delayed in sending you a BIG THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for listening to me regarding my daughter's issues with school and for the beautiful custom bracelets!

We LOVE them!!!!!"

Kimberly- Catro Valley, CA- April 2015
“I purchased the Original Fertility Bracelet from you and the only time I have been able to stay pregnant was with this bracelet. It fell off at 21 weeks and I gave birth at 24. I am happy to report that myself and the baby are healthy. Now we are trying for our second. We are doing the in vitro process again in the next two weeks so I hope it has the same results. This time I’m going to duct tape it to my wrist. LOL"

Tonia- Lakeside, CA- April 2015
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my bracelets in the mail this past weekend. Love them! The watermelon tourmaline with the black tourmaline is absolutely beautiful - thank you so much!!"


Andrea- Santa Barbara, CA- April 2015
avatar"I could not believe how much ZenJen knew about the gemstones and their meanings and energy.  I just love the energies of the stones.  ZenJen even knows about smudging.  My kind of girl!"

Chrissy- Mineola, NY- February 2015
avatar"ZenJen did an energy assessment and made me some custom bracelets.  I felt the energy just surround me as soon as I felt the bracelets on me.  It's so funny how I attracted certain stones.  I feel like a new person!"

Nicole- Whitestone, NY- February 2015
avatar"The experience alone was unreal.  The positive energy I felt when I worked with ZenJen consumed me.  When I was trying on my bracelets after ZenJen custom made each one, they all felt complete. ZenJen knew just what I needed and she could see it in my face when I felt how complete my bundle was."

Ashley- Mineola, NY- February 2015
LoVe working with Jen!
LoVe my bracelets!
LoVe the shift I'm feeling from my crystals!

My best-

Annie, Colorado- February 2015

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