I bought a fertility bracelet from you back in (I think May) of 2011.  I just wanted to let you know that I am due in April 2012 with a baby boy!  Thank you for making my bracelet for me and I will be sure to be using it for baby number two in the next couple of years.


I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful Moss Agate bracelet.  I received it Saturday and have worn it since. I am a virgo so my brain is always working and stressed. Since I have been wearing it I feel calm and no stress headaches. Thank you for this and i will be back to add more of your stones into my life.

avatarI just wanted to thank you for helping my sister with making the perfect bracelet for me. I have many Zenjen braclets as you know, but this one is truly beyond words and truly has a special meaning to me. I can't not even explain the emotion I felt when Christina gave it to me and I put it on-I just had tears and emotions beyond words.  Thank you to you and Jen, as always you guys are great and my Zenjen bracelets get me thru each and everyday

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I already received my bracelet, it came yesterday .. and I absolutely LOVE it.  It is even more  beautiful that I expected, and I wanted to thank you for getting the jewels necessary to make me a bracelet you had already sold out of, it was sweet, and I received the friendliest and fastest service.  Thank you so much, and I look forward to ordering many more gorgeous jewelry!

The process of releasing and letting go of old patterns and negativity felt very freeing.  Saying those words out loud left a powerful imprint in my consciousness and body/mind/spirit.

Giving myself permission to declare what I want in my new space, also felt empowering and uplifting.  This felt like a sacred invitation to divine spirit/god to allow my dreams to manifest.  The whole process helped me to believe that I deserved all my blessings and could start with a "fresh slate"!

ZenJen facilitated this cleansing with compassion and insight making it a very positive experience.

Montclair, N.J.
I apologize for taking so long to thank you for all of your help when choosing my bracelet.  I love, love, love my bracelet and have really enjoying working with you and your company.  I look forward to doing business with you all in the future.
Best regards,

avatarI absolutely love my onyx bracelet. I have been going through such a difficult time in my life and called upon ZenJen-zen jewelz for some help. As soon as I received my bracelet I put it on, it's beautiful and have already had so many compliments. The most important part though is how I feel wearing it, I already feel less stressed and more positive about what the future holds for me. Thanks to the zen jewelz team and to Samantha for helping me place my order. I am looking forward to more bracelets soon.

Tiffany S.
avatarI absolutely adore my jewelz.  Not only do they look fantastic, but I find them to be a peaceful, healing reminder of the protection and power that the gems provide.  I am so happy with the bracelets, that I wear them every day.  Thanks Jen!

avatarThere is nothing like wearing my zen jewelz and how they make me feel. I choose my zen jewelz each day dependant on what I am feeling in the morning. The “jewelz” are not only gorgeous but the properties in the gemstones definitely give me a sense of calmness, strength or whatever I am needing that day. I am so grateful to have met Jen a little over a year ago ~ she has made a difference not only in my life but my daughters! We are firm believers in the power of the “jewelz” we are wearing!!

avatarI met Jen and was introduced to her amazing jewelry over a year ago. Since I got my first jewels, I haven't gone a day without wearing them. Last year they were a huge help to me when I was going through a very difficult time and just looking at them and touching them gave me peace of mind. Since then, I have expanded my collection and every morning I'm amazed at how different bracelets call to me. I know exactly what bracelets I need to help get me through the day whether from communication, intuition, strength, or love. Not only does Jen's jewelry make me feel good about myself, but it also looks amazing. I get so many compliments on my bracelets and my custom made necklaces. Zen Jewelz are the perfect way to look good and give me strength and confidence!

Linda Wozniak

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