Hello Jen and Anthony,
I received the order today and the necklace is absolutely beautiful, and when I leave the house I wear all 9 of my bracelets.  I have been getting a lot of compliments and I direct everyone to your website.  Sometimes I go on the site just to drool!  So far I have ordered 3 of the Ganesh bracelets and by far it is my favorite.  This last one is a gift! Talk about removing obstacles, I wanted to go back to work part time at my former employer but it seems that there were blockages.  Guess what?  I'M BACK"!!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What I need now is a nice little pair of earrings to match my necklace. Ruby is my birthstone.

Many thanks,

Patricia - Haskell, Nj - February, 2016
I just have to take a minute to tell you how gorgeous these bracelets are! First I got the Peruvian blue opal, then this rhodonite..I just ordered a blue Lapis one, too.  They are SO well made and the stones are magnificent! I have been looking for a long time for just the right ones and now I have found them! I'll definitely be adding to my collection and giving them for gifts, too. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth - Winslow, ME - January 2016
Hi Jen
I wanted to thank you for not only fixing my bracelets to fit me on Tuesday, but also for doing more than you know for my niece, Giana (13). She couldn't stop talking about what you said, and was so intrigued with the bracelets and the very generous stone you gave her. I hope she gets out of the stone, what it had done for you when you received it as a gift. I reiterated that she needed to trust her instincts, and her intuition. And told her to see spirituality as her gift and to look to expand her gift. I truly believe you meet people for a reason, and she was meant to come with me to fix my bracelets. Anyway, thank you....you truly are a special person.
Speak soon,

Michele - Westfield, NJ - January 2016
Can't wait to get my new bracelets!!! Thank you for all that you do for me... I'm telling you these bracelets make me feel exactly what they are meant to do ... On top of being gorgeous!!! Im so hooked on them and want so many of them ... As I mentioned ...now I just await the autism one and the hand mala ... You've got me hooked !!!! I love them all!!!! Want more more more!!!!!

Maria - Clifton, NJ - December 2015
Our earth provides many healing gifts including crystals and gemstones.  Thank you Jen for offering an easy and beautiful way to access them.  Your knowledge and guidance was extremely valuable in helping me pick my gorgeous new healing bracelets.  Every time I wear them I am reminded to "trust" the process and to "trust" my intuition.  Many Blessings!

Bridget (Kaleidoscope Holistic Concepts) - Ridgefield Park, NJ - December 2015
Anxiety and indecisiveness have always been major issues for me and both became much worse while I was pregnant with my son this summer. Looking to find a more holistic way to deal with these issues, I found Jen's website and emailed her immediately to discuss potential stones that would help me with these issues. I can't say enough about how accommodating Jen was during this process, welcoming me into her home twice, taking the time to discuss my thoughts and fears and allowing me time to touch and hold the stones to see which ones I connected with the most. During my first visit, I ended up purchasing a beautiful amethyst and moonstone wrap and sandalwood bracelet which I wear or keep near me in times when I am doubting myself and need to find clarity. During my second visit I selected a GORGEOUS deep green jade bracelet and black tourmaline bracelet that have helped me dispel negativity, attract positive feelings and relax my running mind as well as a citrine bracelet that I have found to be very uplifting. Thank you Jen for your guidance and patience! I look forward to when we meet again!

Heather - Bergen County, NJ - December 2015
Jen!! I am very happy with such a sweet unique work of art :) I absolutely love it!! You are the best! The Baby Blessings bracelet is so delicate and beautiful! Everything about it is perfect :) Cannot wait to give it to her- great idea with the extender too!  Also, I love the one with the heart and may purchase that one for my daughters. Beautiful!  And I love the prayer :) perfect gift for the occasion. Will definitely be recommending this! Thanks again for all the thought and love you put into this :)


Daniela - Livingston, NJ - December 2015
avatarMy two all time fav semiprecious stones! So gorgeous. Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz. I'm so in love with your bracelets! I'm so glad I found your website. I've been searching for quality healing crystal bracelets for years. Thank you ZenJen!

Sheelah - Summerville, SC - December 2015
Hi Jen,

I'm not sure if you remember me.  I'm sure you see tons of people.  I met with you not long ago, early October I believe.  I shared all my stresses about my job and how badly I wanted to leave.  You were so wonderful and encouraging.  You told me I would never be able to focus on other doors that would open for me until I removed myself from the stressful situation I was in.  Like you and I spoke about, I had so much support from my husband.

I've been wearing the bracelets you made for me that day, and am happy to share that I resigned from my job last week.  As of the holiday break, I will be able to leave those worries behind, enjoy being a stay at home mom for a little while, and get the chance to find other opportunities that will make me happy.  You really helped me to realize the only thing getting in my way was my fear, and that I could move past that and be okay.

Thank you so much for the beautiful jewels and advice you shared with me.  I can't wait to see what lies ahead for me!


Christine - Totowa, NJ - November, 2015
Some months ago I saw a sign by the supermarket and made a mental note to check out this website. Although I browsed the site and drooled over the beautiful jewelry I did not purchase anything. About a week ago I ordered one and within the following week I had six! I also had the pleasure of meeting Jen and explained what was going on with me and she helped me with making some decisions as to what my needs were. Starting with the first bracelet, I immediately began to feel the energy and from that moment I was hooked. Honestly I can't seem to get enough. The healing and energy properties in these gems are extraordinary! I am not usually a bracelet person but I wear all six now from sun up to sundown. I marvel about how beautiful they are.
Thanks Jen!

Patricia - Haskell, NJ - November, 2015

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