Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils with zen jewelz by ZenJen

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

To place your order click on the link below and follow the detailed instructions

Please contact us if you would like our master aromatherapist to assist you in recommending specific oils that would benefit your healing process

  2. Click on Member Sign-up on the upper right corner of the page
  3. Scroll down.  You will see the two options.  Click on Become a Member (now under those options):

You should see a page that says Independent Distributor & Customer.  Customer is synonymous with Retail Member & Independent Distributor is synonymous with Wholesale Member.

In Young Living, developing a network (distributing, building a business, whatever the terms people use) is never a requirement for wholesale members.  It’s just another benefit that Young Living offers its wholesale members.  Should you choose to refer anyone to the company, Young Living will compensate you for the referral.

Select a country & click on the type of membership you are interested in.  If you choose “Independent Distributor” on the next page you will also have to click “I Agree” to the distributor agreement.

The next page, whether Customer Or Independent Distributor will be the page asking for the Enroller ID and/or the Sponsor ID.

So please put my member number 739737 into those spaces.  If you ever refer anyone to the company, you would just put your member number in that space.

The next page should have my name twice at the top.  You would then fill in your username, password, pin, and so on.  In the future Young Living will only need from you is your member number so that they know who referred to the company & who will get the commission for it.

Enjoy your essential oils! If any problem arises, you just call Young Living Customer Service at 1-800-371-3515.