Fertility Bracelet Success Stories

The first time I purchased the fertility bracelet it was for a friend.  She has gone through several IVF treatments and was diagnosed with endometriosis.  The doctor also told her getting pregnant would be futile because her ovaries were no longer producing eggs.  She was devastated.  I bought her the fertility bracelet as a gift and it worked within 2 months.  I received a call from her husband after the first trimester saying my gift worked. Their daughter is now 8 years old.  AMAZING and POWERFUL.  I am a believer for life.  I also purchased another fertility bracelet recently for a family member.  She is also pregnant!  I told another family member to purchase one and will spread the word about this bracelet because it truly heals and works with a women’s body so she can carry a baby to term and conceive.

Yun – Canada – February, 2017

“I purchased the Original Fertility Bracelet from you and the only time I have been able to stay pregnant was with this bracelet.  It fell off at 21 weeks and I gave birth at 24.  I am happy to report that myself and the baby are healthy.  Now we are trying for our second.  We are doing the in vitro process again in the next two weeks so I hope it has the same results. This time I’m going to duct tape it to my wrist. LOL”

Tonia- Lakeside, CA- April 2015

Hello! I just wanted to write my second email to you to say my thanks for my fertility bracelet. I purchased it in 2010 and wrote to you following the birth of my little boy in August 2011. Well, it has done its job again and I have welcomed my 3rd child (second fertility bracelet baby) in August of this year. My husband and I had difficulty getting pregnant years ago but since wearing my fertility bracelet faithfully, we have managed to have 2 children on our own (my first was conceived with IVF). Who knows? We may even go for #4!

Thank you so very much. I love my bracelet, as well as the others that I have purchased over the years!

Angel, Virginia – December 2014

I received my fertility bracelet as a gift from my sister.  We never expected our “Little Miracle” to happen in a matter of weeks with of wearing it.  In the end, I had with two gifts – a bracelet and our amazing little boy “Ryan”!

Carol, NYC

I’m writing with an update! The fertility bracelet that I purchased from you back in June has brought my husband and I a stronger faith and in turn belief that we would successfully carry our pregnancy to term. Currently, we’re pregnant with twin boys and could not be more excited. As promised, I’ve attached a belly photo while wearing my bracelet (which I never take off except to shower and sleep). You should know that I’ve told so many of my family members and friends about you ~ a friend of ours has recently purchased a bracelet for his wife – they suffered a miscarriage at the same time my husband and I did, back in February, while he was away in the service and could not be home to comfort his wife in person. Hopefully, their bracelet will enhance their faith too. Thank you.  We’ll be sure to send pictures of the boys when they’re born.


I bought the zen jewelz fertility bracelet in September and I’m due in July!

Beth, NJ

Dina gave me a fertility bracelet and I got pregnant!  Must have some special powers!
Jacqueline Laurita, Franklin Lakes, NJ