Rose Quartz Bracelet – The Finest Crystal Healer for The Heart Chakra

PURCHASE OUR ROSE QUARTZ BRACELET & ATTRACT INFINITE LOVE, PEACE AND MUCH MORE! Looking for the perfect gift? You can’t go wrong with beautiful Rose Quartz. Sterling Silver Infinity Heart charm or your choice of karma tag. Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz Bracelet The crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace Open your heart center and heal your […]

Healing Stones – Largest selection on the Web!

Healing Stones: Featuring The Harmony Stone Looking for top quality Healing Stones? We have the largest selection of healing crystal jewelry on the web!  This month we are featuring Harmony Jasper, to bring you peace and harmony during difficult times.  Here are some other stones we offer: Hematite which endows us with courage, strength and willpower. Onyx which […]

Turquoise Bracelet Can Bring Many Blessings!

A Turquoise Bracelet Can Provide Great Healing! READ ALL ABOUT IT & COME SHOP WITH US Benefits of wearing a Turquoise Bracelet & Turquoise Jewelry for energy healing Provides peace, total serenity and tranquility Increases strength and protection Most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body Enhances communication and self expression. […]

Amazonite Bracelet Can Bring Deep Peace and Relaxation

Wear our Amazonite Bracelet to help alleviate worry and fear! See Our Selection Here Amazonite Bracelet Spiritual Healing Properties: Extremely Soothing Calms the brain and nervous system Helps one to maintain optimal health Soothes emotional trauma Alleviates worry and fear Useful for removing negative energy and aggravation Manifests universal love Amazonite Bracelet Physical Healing Properties: […]