Tanzanite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Tanzanite Bracelet – Connect With Angels All of our healing crystal jewelry has individualistic properties as they aid you on your journey through life. Tanzanite Bracelet Meaning & Healing: Considered a stone of transmutation through the violet flame Has extremely high vibrations linking to the angelic realms, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and Christ consciousness Can help in entering […]

Drusy Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Drusy Bracelet – Natures Stress Reducer Create joy and relieve stress with the help of zen jewelz high quality Drusy Bracelet. Take a look at our selection of healing crystal jewelry today. Drusy Bracelet Meaning & Healing: A member of the Quartz family Has many metaphysical properties Carries the energy-enhancing qualities of Quartz Its energy […]

Sunstone Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Sunstone Bracelet – Live a Life Filled With Joy! Sunstone is a joyful, light inspiring stone. Check out our high quality Sunstone Bracelet collection today! Sunstone Bracelet Healing & Meaning: Instills joy and good nature as well as heightening intuition If life has lost its sweetness, Sunstone can restore it and help you to nurture yourself […]

Sacred 7 Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Sacred 7 Bracelet – A Spiritual Powerhouse! Are you looking for a healing crystal to bring exceptional clarity? Wear our high quality Sacred 7 bracelet and feel supported on your journey! Sacred 7 Bracelet Healing & Meaning: Known for shifting the vibratory level of the planet and everything upon it Can be a heavenly experience and a useful stone to […]