Ametrine Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Ametrine Bracelet – Relieve Stress and Tension   Did you know that Ametrine crystals are a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine? They naturally grow from the earth together as one! Wear one of our top quality gemstone bracelets & invite this energy into your life to help facilitate healing. AMETRINE BRACELET HEALING CRYSTAL MEANING: Balances yin […]

Meteorite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Meteorite Bracelet – Wear a Shooting Star & A Piece of History! WHAT IS A METEORITE? Meteorites are the name of debris of asteroids and comets from outer space that have survived the fall through Earth’s atmosphere and fallen to the surface. As a result, these precious objects can be acknowledged as extraterrestrial and bring […]

Azurite Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Azurite Bracelet – Find Your Spiritual Clarity Would you like to clear obstacles that are in your way of true success? Read all about Azurite below to see if you connect with this healing gemstone.  Then take a look at our Azurite gemstone jewelry and select the piece that you are most drawn to. AZURITE […]

Carnelian Bracelet – zen jewelz by ZenJen

Carnelian Bracelet – Strive to Achieve Your Goals! Did you know that  Carnelian has a ton of beneficial healing properties?  Read below to learn how this amazing gemstone can assist you on your journey! CARNELIAN BRACELET HEALING GEMSTONE MEANING Grounds you in the present moment Excellent in restoring vitality and stimulating creativity Great for improving motivation Has the […]