ZenJen Teams with Cast to Create Jersey Shore Gemstone Bracelet

We hope you caught last night’s episode of mtv’s hit television series Jersey Shore, featuring our very own ZenJen!  Now, we’ll fill you in on what happened behind the scenes.  The super fun girls night turned into a special design session in which all the girls teamed up to create their custom zen jewelz bracelet. Combining gemstones individually chosen by each of the girls, the Jersey Shore bracelet provides protection, and helps nurture the love & bonding of life-long friendship.

Designed by ZenJen and the girls of MTV’s Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore bracelet combines Turquoise (JWOWW), Smokey Quartz (Snooki), Rose Quartz (Sammi) & Cape Amethyst (Deena) with Hematite (ZenJen).  These gems provide healing, grounding, love and intuition.  Turquoise has been used in healing rituals by Native Americans for centuries.  This gemstone imparts wisdom, effective communication, love, and healing all over the body.

Smokey Quartz is a very grounding gemstone, assisting in achieving business goals, and helping all wishes come true.  Rose Quartz is the most important gemstone for the heart chakra, helping to envelop the wearer in peaceful, loving energy.  Cape Amethyst channels intuition, but at a higher and more subtle level than its darker counterpart.   Hematite is also incredibly stabilizing, as it encourages self-confidence, will-power, and strength.  ZenJen chose Hematite to reinforce the bond of friendship among the girls.  After hurricane Sandy, ZenJen has chosen to partner with Architecture for Humanity’s Restore the Shore Fund, donating a portion of bracelet proceeds to help rebuild the Seaside Boardwalk, along with surrounding businesses & homes affected by the hurricane.

This bracelet is now available in the zen jewelz shop for only $55!  The Jersey Shore bracelet is the first in the new line of zen jewelz pewter accents. Give protection and life-long friendship to a special gal in your life this holiday season!  The Jersey Shore bracelet is a fun gift you can feel good about giving.

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